Friday, April 12, 2013

Cute new necklace

I saw this necklace on pinterest a while back and fell in love.  Last week I ordered it, and I just had to share because it is so cute.  It is the perfect length for layering with other necklaces, while it also looks great on it's own.  It sits right in that hole on your neck.  (Do you know what I mean?  I'm sure there is a medical term for the space between your collar bones but I don't know what it is)  Even on my big neck.  For a thin girl, my neck is unusually large.  That's probably too much information.
Either way, the necklace is from Beau and Stella, a designer in New Orleans.  I did a little happy dance when I saw the postmark, since that is the one city I have always wanted to visit yet never have.
Check out the website for more pics
It is the curved anchor necklace in rose gold.  I love it.  It is dainty and adorable, but the best part is the customer service.  I love buying things from smaller companies that allow you to interact with the actual person who designed the piece.  Marcie, who is the designer, is super sweet and commented right away when I followed her on Twitter.  When the package arrived, I could tell that it had been packaged with pride, in a personal way that you don't often see from larger stores.  The care in packaging is enough to make me order more - I know, I am a dork but I love pretty packages.
She even enclosed a hand written card!  It felt like getting a gift from a friend.
I can't wait to order more items.  It is so nice to buy things from people who actually take care in the work they do and take care of their customers. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Don't Follow The Bus

"Don't follow the bus." Don't follow the bus."  This is what I keep repeating to myself today.  My son has his first field trip, which means it will be his first time riding on a bus.  No seatbelt, no carseat, nothing.  This is coming from a woman who gets nervous when her own husband drives her son around.  I know, I have issues.  I have been dreading this day for months, although I would like to point out that I am not crazy enough to make him miss the field trip.  Score for me!  I also am not crazy enough to follow the bus, although it is taking every ounce of will power left in my neurosis racked body not to run back to the school and do exactly that.  That's part of why I am writing this, to give me something to do so that I don't hyperventilate.

I'm kidding.  Sort of.  Ok, not at all.  Either way, as worried as I was leading up to today, I knew everything would be fine.  Then the hurricane hit.  That is what I am calling it, at least, and for all I know our weather today would probably meet hurricane standards.  It started last night, with the wind picking up.  If you have ever experienced Vegas wind, you know it can be pretty fierce.  Everything was a mess this morning, complete with some downed light poles.  The only thing flashing through my mind brighter than a neon sign on the strip was "high profile vehicle"  Now of course, all week long it has been in the 80's, clear skies, beautiful.  Of course today, it is a hurricane.

I could have dealt with the wind, but on the way home from dropping him off at school it started to rain.  Not a sprinkle, not a light shower, I'm talking about torrential rain that made it difficult to see even with the windshield wipers going so fast I thought they might fly right off in a show of protest.  Which was super fun as I maintained a death grip on my steering wheel every time a gust of 55MPH wind tried to knock me out of my lane.  If there is one universally accepted fact, it is that people in Las Vegas do not know how to drive in the rain.  Drivers here are awful, and when it rains it is as though the already bad drivers think that treating the roads like water slides would be fun.  The last time it rained, the police department recorded over 150 wrecks from 6am to 4pm.  Our roads are also not meant for rain, so about 30 seconds after it starts raining they are flooded.

If I do not develop an ulcer today, it will be a miracle.  I just keep repeating to myself "Do not follow the bus".  And I am trying to avoid the warnings being put out to high profile vehicles, since I am all too aware that in an hour my son will be on such a vehicle, no seatbelt, with crazy drivers and flooded streets.

P.S.  I also just happen to be awaiting a phone call from the principal of the school that we are trying to get him into in Texas.  It is a "get to know you" call before we apply.  I tend to blurt out inappropriate things when I am anxious.  So with the field trip, the hurricane, and the phone call, this is going to be quite a day.
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dear moms, go to the doctor.

We are moms, therefore we don't have time for ourselves.  When we do get time, we try to do something nice for ourselves - read a book, get a pedicure, or go shopping.  Nothing wrong with that, I love a pedicure as much as anyone, but maybe the next time you get some free time it should be spent at the doctor's office.  As mothers, we are used to taking care of everyone else; we make sure that our kids go to the pediatrician for well checks and at the slightest hint of an ear infection, make their dentist appointments and generally take better care of our family members health than our own.  It needs to stop.  In case you didn't get the memo, we are not invincible, we are not immortal, and we need to wake up and pay attention.

A few months ago, my husband got a phone call from his best friend.  He and his wife were having a date night when things went horribly wrong.  His wife started feeling strange, her lips went numb, and he called 911.  She was having a stroke.  She was 36.  She has two girls who are 2 and 5.  Her husband is now a widower.  This could be any one of us. 
The next month, another friend passed away from cancer. She was 32.  Her daughter is 3.  Again, it could be any one of us.

It's so easy to get caught up in life and put our needs and our health last, and it is easy to forget that we are not invincible.  There are so many other things to do that we often push ourselves to the back of the line, resulting in sometimes deadly consequences.  There are some deaths that are not preventable, but there are also ones that are preventable.  Say you go to the doctor and he recommends a medication, but you never find time to go to the pharmacy to fill it.  Or, you don't go to the doctor at all.  I know women who delivered their babies and decided that that would be a good time to stop going to their annual appointments with their OB/GYN.  Not a smart move.  The time it takes to go to the doctor is worth the time that you will be alive for your children.  They need you.  They need you alive, and it is time to start taking care of yourself.  Your children will thank you.