Friday, May 10, 2013

High Five For Friday!

 photo H54Fbutton-triangle_zps678b65ba.jpgSo, this is my first time joining in on the fun that is "high five for friday" over at Lauren Elizabeth's blog.  I have been hesitant, since I want to make the post look nice, with pictures and everything.  Today I'm throwing that out of the window and I'm just going to write a quick list.  I might toss a picture in if I can find a relevant one, but if I don't, who cares?  Posts don't have to be perfect, now do they?
So, here are the 5 highlights of my week:

1.  Today was my first ever "muffins with  moms" at my son's school - he is in kindergarten.  We danced, he served me (so cute watching the little ones serve the moms, they were so proud of themselves), and just had a blast.

2.  I made a new friend!  It is a mom at school that I have chatted with before, but I had never spent much time with her other than seeing her at school pick up.  After drop off the other morning, we went for coffee, which turned into lunch.  We totally hit it off!  Hooray for cool new friends.

3.  I got to enjoy a great end of vacation breakfast in Laguna Beach on Sunday at Cafe Heidelberg, a place that used to be featured frequently on the show Laguna Beach - yes I am a dork.  It was just a block or so from our hotel and the food was perfect.

4.  I got to see my husband for 9 days last week!  It was great, and I still feel like I am floating on air.

5.  Sunday is Mother's Day - hello mimosas!
My boys on the beach