About Me

Hello!  I'm Meredith, a housewife and mom to a great little boy.

I suppose I should explain my purpose here, as I join the masses of bloggers who have something to say as well as the assumption that someone out there cares to listen. For those wondering what The Lost Housewife title is in reference to, I should explain the reasoning and duality of it. I am a stay at home mom, although I prefer the term housewife. I long for the days where making a home was an art, an appreciated and expected role. This is not to imply that staying at home is for everyone; however, for those of us who do, I would like to get back to a place where it was a respected occupation, and an undertaking that one should not enter into lightly. There is something that gets taken away with the phrase "I just stay home". Making a home is a huge responsibility. I have more to say on this subject, but that would lead to a lengthy post as well as possible blindness on the part of the reader, so I will save my rantings for later.

The second part of the meaning of the title is that I am just that - A lost housewife. Lost amongst the clutter of laundry, unshaven legs and torn jeans rather than a house dress and apron, a child who screams as if he is being kidnapped during any outing to Target, and a pile of dishes in the sink that may or may not be done before a (late) dinner is on the table.

The only thing I do have is hope and a desire to be a true homemaker, and I will begin the journey of trying to figure out how to live up to the name.

After all, when the stresses of work are too much to bear, when the outside world is dirty and sometimes depressing, we come home. Home is our safe haven. I can think of no job so important than to make a home, and to be proud of making it well.

If you would like to contact me, give me a shout at meredith@thelosthousewife.com